"How Do You Wear Your Halo?"

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Dr. Venna Bishop



“How Do You Wear Your Halo?”

You will be inspired as Venna shares her passion and commitment for pursuing her dream of becoming a ‘Flying Angel’ in the Glory of Christmas and Glory of Easter pageants. She reveals the challenges and the risks taken, all adding up to an amusing “surprise landing” that launched her speaking career on the topic “It’s Not How You Fly, It’s How You LAND!”



This delightful, creative presentation involves the active participation of the entire audience. It is well received by men, women, and children of all ages who take pleasure in being taught the graceful movements of ‘Flying Angels.’
You will be:

      – Inspired to pursue your passion, purpose, or legacy.

– Encouraged to make a commitment or take a risk.

– Intrigued to learn the graceful movements of a ‘flying angel’ to the rhythms of the music.

– Offered the opportunity to purchase halos to give to your audience.


“Your ‘Flying Angel’ presentation was terrific. Our members loved their halos and are still talking about how you taught us to fly! It was great to hear the ‘inside scoop’ on the Crystal Cathedral programs. The best part was the way you reminded everyone that they really can do anything they put into their mind and heart.”
– Kay Keith, Program Chairman Tempe Women’s Club, Tempe AZ

“There was such a buzz around the office after your presentation. Folks really enjoyed it.”
– Senior Adults of the First Church of the Nazarene — Pasadena, CA


Wing-it with Venna quote:

“Unlimited possibilities abound when you land with dignity.”




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