"Mission Accomplished"

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Dr. Venna Bishop



“Mission Accomplished”



Mission accomplished – It’s not how you start, it’s how you “FINISH”

Well begun, is only half done !

With the best of intentions, many people begin projects they never seem to complete. Their ideas never seem to get off the ground or fly. Before long, life passes them by before their mission is accomplished. What is missing? God cares more about your character than He does about your accomplishments.

Venna will ignite that spark of faith as she shares her White House experiences and what it takes to work cohesively as a team. Her messages are filled with humor, insight, and excitement for the Lord’s work.


“Having a dream and going for it — your ability to share your life experiences and relate it to our own experiences — entertaining and electrifying. You were so witty! We like the White House experiences. A message which touched the heart and soul.”
– Sharon Berns, United Methodist Church, Bladen, NE


“Your ability to interact and relate with the audience prior to your presentation made you so warm and approachable. Your uplifting attitude and spirit-filled message radiated through our audience. You exceeded my expectations.”
– Harbor Christian Center in Wilmington, CA


Wing-it with Venna quote:

“Character is formed at birth, commitment is required to continue, cooperation produces results.”

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