"An Angel is Someone Like YOU"

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Dr. Venna Bishop



“An Angel is Someone Like YOU”


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5

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Discover key principals that will help you and your team thrive as you utilize each others unique “giftedness” and strengths.

You will:

      – Identify your angelic character type.

– Understand each individual’s strengths and needs.

– Learn how to communicate with others to meet your needs.

– Define ways to work cohesively as a team to finish tasks with ease.

This program can be adapted to practically any theme. For example:

      – It’s Not Who You Teach, It’s Who You REACH for the Lord!

– It’s Not What You Plant, It’s What You HARVEST!

– It’s Not How Your Cruise through Life, It’s How You DOCK!


“The singles are a difficult group…there is no common denominator…yet you managed to reach them…with a message of both information and hope. Your spirit is energetic and affirming. We would love to have you return sometime. Everyone in our singles group was interested in your angelic journey.”
– Presbyterian Church — Sunnyvale, CA


“This program exceeded our expectations! Your creativity and ability to interact and make the content memorable and useable for our church committees was commendable. Awesome program!”
– The Episcopal Church Women of Province VIII and Episcopal Women’s Ministry. Western United States


Wing-it with Venna quote:

“When you identify an individual’s character traits, invisible treasures become visible.”


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