"Behind the Scenes…"

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Dr. Venna Bishop



“Behind the Scenes…”


This program includes:

– Power Point slides of scenes depicting Old Testament prophecy and events in the New Testament leading to the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

– Backstage photos of sets, costumes, and props.

– Historical account of the pageant, community commitment and involvement for over 41 decades.




Click the book's image for more information.

Click the book’s image for more information.

Step behind the curtain and experience events the cast members encountered being on stage. You will learn about the research that goes into designing the sets, costumes and props for these pageants that were recognized world-wide and attended by over 3 million people.

In this “Behind the scenes” Power Point presentation, you will gain a new level of appreciation for the pageants. It is woven with moments of humor and tenderness yet filled with insights that capture the heart and purpose of the pageants: telling the story of Jesus.
You will be touched by:


– The Epiphany of a child’s healing

– A disciple’s audition

– Commitment of entire families


You will chuckle at:


– An innkeeper’s compensation

– A child wrangler’s shortcomings

– An Angel’s ‘surprise landing’.


Venna’s participation in the pageants became a part of her dissertation for her Doctorate Degree. Watch video.


“Venna Bishop’s collection of “Behind the Scenes” stories is a tribute to the volunteers and staff who participated in and supported the Glory of Christmas and Glory of Easter for thirty years. Her book contains a wonderful collection of wisdom and insight. There are moments of humor accented by laughter that will bring smiles to anyone who has ever participated in or attended a performance. You will identify with the unpredictable behaviors, challenges, and antics of working with live animals. The endless possibilities of transforming the Crystal Cathedral into a theater venue and the teamwork and commitment involved, are truly special. Hearts will be touched by the inspiring thoughts of the flying angels as they soared above audiences’ eyes and hearts. Every person will find at least one story that is meaningful to them – one story to treasure and share.”
– Dr. Robert H. Schuller



Wing-it with Venna quote:

“The essence of performing is spontaneity.”


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