"Reach for the Stars"

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Dr. Venna Bishop



“Reach for the Stars”


Participants will learn to recognize the support that employees/volunteers provide in an organization, and they will develop a greater appreciation for their dedication. Employees/volunteers will learn to understand how the commitment they are making affects everyone, and how the importance of being consistent affects their team’s productivity.

Program highlights:

      – Understand what it takes to keep staff, employees, and volunteers motivated and excited.

– Identify individual character traits and assign tasks relating to their strengths.

– Become aware of the 10 top needs of an employee and or/volunteer.

– Recognize the importance of providing an environment where employees and or/volunteers can have fun.


“Wonderful speaker – very enthusiastic and gets her points across! Inspired me to get more involved here as a volunteer.”
– Judy Berg – Good Life RV Resort, Mesa, AZ

Wing-it with Venna quote:

“The staff of an organization is no better than the people they serve.”


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