"It's Not How You Fly, It's How You LAND!"

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Dr. Venna Bishop


“It’s Not How You Fly, It’s How You LAND!”

Venna’s L.A.N.D. formula for success gives new insight into your team’s flight plan. It breaks barriers and improves efficiency. Drawing on her extensive career as a team player in business and as a successful entrepreneur, Venna leads your audience to realize they can achieve anything they want! She keeps the excitement of achievement alive by motivating your group with creative ideas, entertaining stories and simple, proven techniques. You will:

    -Learn a four-part L.A.N.D. formula for realizing your team’s goals or vision.
    -Execute a new approach for dealing with-and overcoming-obstacles and challenges to revitalize and inspire your team.
    -Develop an understanding of others so you can effectively enlist their support.
    -Discover a way to accelerate your attitude for smoother flights and better landings.

Team building programs are designed to assist management, staff, employees, and/or volunteers to recognize how to communicate with those individuals within your work environment, whose character styles are different than theirs. To make these various character styles more memorable, metaphors are created relating to the product or service of your business or organization The titles vary depending on the client’s product, service, or theme. Following is a sample list of clients and titles incorporating this technique: University of Nebraska Alumni, farm theme using all types of farm equipment – “It’s Not What You Plant, It’s What You Harvest!” Fremont Adult & Continuing Education – utilizing items used in a classroom -program title: “It’s Not Who You Teach, It’s Who You Reach!”


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Dept. of Defense – Employer Support for the Guard & Reserve (ESGR), utilizing items representing each branch of service. Commanding General James P. Combs of the California Army National Guard Headquarters 49th Combat Support had this to say: “Ms. Bishop offers understanding and support on a wide range of challenges faced by soldiers. I can tell you, without reservation, that her leadership in this vital area is nothing short of outstanding. Ms. Bishop is clearly thought of as the “the best of the best” among senior military leaders.”





Bus #3 Safco team with racing car0001


Safeco – car racing theme utilizing different styles of automobiles -program title: “It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You FINISH”! Safeco’s Vice President of Human Resources wrote: “I enjoyed your enthusiasm for our theme ‘Performance Driven to Serve You Best’ and the way you developed it for our needs. Using the racing theme never seemed to pose an obstacle . . . you were into the program 110%. It definitely came across in your presentation.”





Wing-it with Venna quote:

“With the wind beneath your wings, you can see what is invisible to others.”






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