"It’s Not How You Cruise, It’s How You DOCK!"

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Dr. Venna Bishop




Coppenbarger & Copenbarber LLP, an estate planning firm, invited their clients to join them on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and another to Alaska with the Norwegian Cruise Lines. The metaphors used in these presentations to describe their client’s character styles related to various types of boats and ships. It was a laughter-generating activity that provided insight and related to their cruising experience.

Climb aboard a cruise ship for a joyful interactive way to:

    Navigate the waters of your relationships on deck.
    Adjust the trim on your cruising sails.
    Dine in style or dance with your crew of co-workers/travelers.
    Dock with ease by embarking on a shore excursion.


Sail 2002





Venna’s daughter-in-law, Linda Lindquist Bishop, competed on the all women’s racing team at the 1995 America’s Cup race. She continues to race with crews in the World’s Farr 40.

The photo (left) of “Barking Mad” at the dock is one of these off-shore yacht racing boats.

Venna’s son, Tony, prefers cruising to racing and tackled an even greater challenge by designing and building the interior of a 30ft Bodega sailboat.



Quote by Maryellen Lipinski:

“You cannot direct the wind but you can adjust the sails.”



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