"Turn Volunteering Into A Paid Position"

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Dr. Venna Bishop




“Turn Volunteering into a Paid Position!”

Another popular title for this program is Job Search Tri ‘oomph,’ because it takes ‘oomph’ to triumph in your job search endeavors. Did you know it is more difficult to look for a job than it is to actually work at a job? Almost every new position includes a job description outlining the daily tasks that are required. Staying motivated, while seeking employment, requires following a job description only you can create.
You will benefit by learning to:

– Be more creative in your job seeking endeavors and explore ways how volunteering can lead to a career.

– Be willing to take risks and overcome your fears.

– Be objective and open to new opportunities or possibilities.

– Discover the secrets of successful entrepreneurship that could inspire and motivate you to start your own business.
Venna created multiple careers out of her volunteer endeavors. Click HERE to see the video.
“The audience was intrigued by your description of your unusual business journey and venture. Many were enchanted by your desire, commitment, and the unique way you created a business out of something you enjoyed doing for fun. Not everyone has the foresight to recognize and transform those opportunities into a creative and successful business endeavor as you have done. It was only natural that KCBS wanted to do a live interview with you after your presentation.”
– KCBS Small Business World Exposition & Conference – Moscone Center
Wing-it with Venna quote:

“Volunteering is giving the gift of your self.”



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