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Dr. Venna Bishop





It’s Not How You Fly in Life, It’s How You LAND!


Are you seeking an uplifting “Flight plan” for your life ? Life is made up of take-offs and landings and there will be challenges along the way. Could it be the way we handle a challenge determines our landings ?

What remains on your checklist ? Does it include:

      – Connecting with your true character,

– Changing your outlook or career,

– Struggling with stress, guilt, or loss,

– Overcoming procrastination and fear,

– Making decisions and better choices,

– Seeking ideal relationships,

– Finding the joy and passion in life?

Coaching requires a pilot with experience and skill to assist you in creating a “Flight plan” for your life that will allow you to take off and soar. As your pilot or coach Venna Bishop will assist you in transforming your ordinary ideas into brilliant ideas.

With Venna as your coach, you will:

      – Begin with a pre-flight, a 30-minute free pre-scheduled consultation.

– Create a four-part “Flight plan” during your mission briefings.

– Break barriers by navigating challenges.

– Survive solo flights and land with dignity.

As your pilot or coach, Venna creates an environment of mutual support and accountability in order to make you “Mission ready” for your flight through life. Venna has logged thousands of hours teaching others to fly in life.

It is interesting to note that earlier in Venna’s career she assisted individuals with their resumes. She discovered they were pursuing endeavors that were not congruent with their true character. After decades of assisting others to be “Mission ready” Venna has earned the respect and trust of her clients who gravitate toward her positive attitude and spiritual outlook on life.


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