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“Behind the Scenes”

b0Behind the Scenes is filled with moments of humor and tenderness combined with insights that capture the heart and purpose of the “Glory of Christmas” and “Glory of Easter” pageants at the world famous Crystal Cathedral . . . telling the story of Jesus. Nearly thirty years of pageantry is portrayed in the 200+ photos and personal stories. The book is the only historical pictorial account of the pageants.

Venna soared as a flying angel and has a unique perspective on all aspects of the pageants. “Behind the Scenes- Photos + Stories = Glory Pageants” is a witty and delightful portrayal of every aspect of the pageants from load-in through staging and production to load-out of the largest indoor set in the world, attended by over 3 million people.

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Reader’s Comments about “Behind the Scenes”

“Your book adds a perspective that is never known by the audience. What I like most is the ability to pick and choose what part to read! Great Job – another great landing Venna!”
– Alex Morgan, Santa Clara, California IT Professor West Valley & De Anza Colleges

“Awesome photos and stories about the hundreds of volunteers, I knew many of them and I just couldn’t put the book down. My husband even read it.”
– Georgia Morrow Muretta, California


“Glory Stories”

b1“Glory Stories” consists of witty, uplifting narratives filled with joy and faith. You will read about animal antics, horse tales, and a peacock’s lifeless performance.

You will be touched by the on-stage epiphany of a child’s healing, the commitment of entire families, and an angels ‘surprise landing’ that launched a speaking and writing career.

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Reader’s Comments about “Glory Stories”

“I am moved and excited by your marvelous portrayal of the experiences of flying angels, even the angel who did a surprise somersault. Your understanding of people involved from the story of “The Bread Lady” to the “Tower Lady” were full of compassion, wisdom, and heartfelt humor. The Maundy Thursday story of ‘Is it I Lord, Is it I?’ was especially meaningful to me as the word of our Lord on Forgiveness, a constant struggle in our own lives to attain.”
– Nancy Bowman, Traverse City, Michigan


“Stories from a Soldier’s Heart”

b3“Stories from a Soldier’s Heart” honors the men and women in the United States military. They steadfastly guard the futures of millions of people they will never meet. It was compiled by Alice Gray and Chuck Holton.

Venna contributed the story about her son, Brian, whose childhood goal was to be an Air Force pilot. His dedication and commitment resulted in his selection as the Commander of the United States Air Force Thunderbirds Flying Demonstration Team.

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“It’s Not How You Fly, It’s How You LAND!”

DVD Fly Land NEW 240 x 240Customized faith-based program.

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