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Dr. Venna Bishop





“You were direct, yet persuasive, in your teachings; determined, yet relaxed in your delivery; professional,
yet friendly and warm in your style; and flexible, yet focused, in your agenda. Team feedback clearly indicated
that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and would like to have another ‘Venna experience’ in the future.”

– Alan Van Buskirk, Director of Production Services, Genetech


“Your unique ability to use acrostics and incorporate our company’s terminology resonated with our team
and made the learning memorable.”

– ESL Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems – San Jose, CA


“As I directed the staffing functions at Spectra Physics, I received many positive comments from our hiring managers on your ability to motivate and focus them as well as our sales team. You directly contributed to one of their highest sales quarters.”
– Kevin C. Tucker, Spectra Physics Staffing Manager – Mountain View, CA


“Retrofitting at our facility had its challenges and you were able to bridge the gap with your interactive approach and provide valuable content.”
– Principal, Fremont Adult & Continuing Education – Fremont CA


“Venna added SO MUCH! Our attendees rated your presentation as motivating, encouraging,
and filled with immediate and actionable ideas.”

– Meeting Planner for the Current Women’s Issues Conference – Syracuse, NE


“Excellent! The seminar walked through a method of handling communication issues with clear thoughtful answers. It will help our customer service representatives resolve many issues that arise day to day.”
– Maria Helms, HR Manager, Hunter Douglas Northern CA


“We enjoyed your enthusiasm for our theme ‘Performance Driven to Serve You Best’ and the way you developed
it for our needs. Using the racing theme never seemed to pose an obstacle. You were into the program 110%.
It definitely came across in your presentation.”

– Vice-president of Human Resources – Safeco Insurance – Santa Ana, CA


“Ms Bishop offers understanding and support on a wide range of challenges faced by soldiers. I can tell you,
without reservation, that her leadership in this vital area is nothing short of outstanding. Ms Bishop is clearly thought of as “the best of the best” among senior military leaders.”

– Commanding General James P. Combs, California Army National Guard Headquarters 49th Combat Support


“Your creative approach using flying terminology we could identify with made the concepts presented memorable and actionable.”
– South West Air Show Network Conference


“I was inspired to use a more creative approach to continue our team project.”
– Central California Women’s Conference – Fresno, CA 


“A Perfect Landing! You turned a difficult predicament into an advantage for us.”
– Manager of Park Operations, Great America Theme Park – Santa Clara, CA


“The Alumni staff was pleased how you researched our organization and spent valuable time getting to know
our volunteers before the conference began. You did such a terrific job with your presentations and follow-up.
Your ability to connect with such a diverse group and have everyone interact and participate in the sessions
was very impressive. Many of the volunteers shared personal stories with me about how your presentation
has since made them a more educated and effective recruiter.”

– Duane M Wiles, Director of Alumni Relations University of Nebraska – Lincoln NE


“Creating a business as an entrepreneur out of a volunteer endeavor not only intrigued the audience but you motivated them to take action. Thanks for sharing your story on our small business panel.”

– KCBS Small Business World Exposition & Conference, Moscone Center – San Francisco, CA


“Anyone would be lucky to have you as a presenter! You are organized, easy to work with and the three programs you created for us were witty, yet filled with content, and related to our clients cruising adventures.
Thanks and we plan to have you cruise with us again.”

– Michael Maggard, Public Relations, Copenbarger & Associates, Irvine, CA


“Your job search workshops were always rated among the highest by our students.
Thanks for your recent last minute support.”

– West Valley Mission Community College District – Saratoga & Santa Clara, CA


“Members are still talking about the ‘inside scoop’ and the way you encouraged everyone they can do anything
they put their mind and heart too.”

– Kay Keith, Program Chairman, Tempe Woman’s Club – Tempe AZ


“Your approach for competing for a job in today’s market provided the encouragement needed to take action.”
– Grant Administrator, Economic & Social Opportunities – San Jose, CA


“Wonderful speaker – very enthusiastic and gets her points across! Inspired me to get more involved.”
– Judy Berg, Good Life RV Resort – Mesa, AZ


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