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Dr. Venna Bishop





“Professional delivery, Excellent speech structure, Fantastic eye contact, Group involvement included everyone.
All ages participated, A+ presentation!”

– Doris Johnson, Communications Professor at West Valley College Retired, after a presentation for the Women’s Fellowship at Saratoga Federated Church Saratoga, CA


“All those in attendance were uplifted, inspired, and entertained. You did a wonderful job of tailoring your message to our specific needs and situation. I was impressed with your careful attention to detail. Our expectations, which were considerable, were exceeded by you when you actually came.”
– Faye Schwartz, Director of Music, Ascension Lutheran Church – Palos Verdes, CA


“Awesome presentations! Both of your convention workshops were rated by attendees at our national conference
as Superb!”

– Episcopal Church Women at the National Episcopal Triennial Convention – Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA


“Your knowledge of the subject and ability to incorporate Biblical references, along with slides of Old Masters paintings of angels relative to the celestial hierarchy, was most intriguing and interesting. You kept everyone’s attention.”
– Women’s Ministries, Community Church of Oakhurst – Oakhurst, CA


“Having a dream and going for it – your ability to share your life experiences and relate it to our own experiences – entertaining and electrifying. You were so witty! We liked the White House experiences . . .
a message which touched the heart and soul.”

– Sharon Berns, United Methodist Church – Bladen, NE


“When we heard you would be in Nebraska for another event, everyone remembered you wanted you back to speak again. Your message was unique in the way you incorporated farming terminology to help us identify with our character types in a memorable way. We had fun and look forward to another harvest with Venna!”
– Sharon Berns, United Methodist Church – Bladen, NB


“Really enjoyed the group interaction in helping us identify our character traits and how we can work with one another. You put everyone at ease while identifying and commenting on our strengths and weaknesses
in a witty and humorous way.”

– Los Angeles Diocese of the Episcopal Church Women – Los Angeles, CA


“There was such a buzz around the office after your presentation. Folks really enjoyed it.”
– Senior Adults of the First Church of the Nazarene – Pasadena, CA


“The singles are a difficult group…there is no common denominator…yet you managed to reach them…with a message of both information and hope. Your spirit is energetic and affirming. We would love to have you return sometime. Everyone in our singles group was interested in your angelic journey.”
– Presbyterian Church – Sunnyvale, CA


“Absolutely superb! The message on the 9 orders of the celestial hierarchy was fascinating and so informative . . . presents a wealth of information and keeps it interesting with visuals. Witty too.”
– San Joaquin Diocese Convention of the Episcopal Church Women – Fresno, CA


“You did it again for the third year in a row your presentations uplifted and inspired the Auxiliary, each year you have broadened our knowledge of angels.”
– Palo Alto Community Church – Palo, CA


“Your ability to interact and relate with the audience prior to your presentation made you so warm and approachable. Your uplifting attitude
and spirit filled message radiated through our audience. You exceeded my expectations.”

– Harbor Christian Center – Wilmington, CA


“Awesome presentation! You challenged us to reach new heights and fly in our walk with the Lord.”
– Early Bird Bible Study, Crystal Cathedral – Garden Grove, CA


“Felt drawn to pray to God more and to continue to volunteer . . . discovered how fulfilling volunteering
can be as a way to do God’s work . . . especially liked learning to fly.”

– Rocklin Community Covenant Church – Rocklin, CA


“This program exceeded our expectations! Your creativity and ability to interact and make the content memorable and useable in our church committees is commendable.”
– Episcopal Church Women of Province VIII and the Episcopal Women’s Ministry – Western United States


“Understandably the most inspirational program we’ve had all year. You gave us a fresh perspective of how actualize our personal goals and mission in life. We are all flying higher for having met you.”
– Mission City United Methodist Church – Santa Clara CA


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